Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis The Season

Yes, I know....I earn the title of "Bad Blogger."  I guess blogging just isn't really my thing.  I love to read all the blogs I follow, but keeping up one mine...not so much.  I thought creating a family blog would be a good way to document our life's happenings...(Turns out--we're not that interesting!)  LOL :) 

I have posted our Christmas letter for your reading pleasure.   There probably won't be another post on here til February or March, so enjoy!  :)

Happy Holidays to everyone! Mommy said that she was going to try something a little different this year, and she has decided to let ME write our family’s Christmas letter. So, here it goes…

I celebrated my first birthday on August 7th with a fun-filled party. Many family and friends were able to celebrate with me, and we had a blast. Some of my favorite things right now include (in no particular order): Cheerios, baths, Karla (my daycare provider), puzzles, my stuffed animals, watching YouTube videos with Grandpa, dancing, being tickled, AT&T and Amazon Kindle commercials (it may sound strange, but I just love the songs on those commercials), all my friends at daycare, playing with my dog Relay, lasagna, looking at my books, and of course – my mommy and daddy.

My mommy and daddy both continue to work for Marshalltown Schools. Mommy says she has a great class of 2nd graders, and Daddy really enjoys his freshman earth science classes. In the fall and spring, Mommy likes to take me to Daddy’s cross country and track meets. I enjoy watching my daddy coach and I love cheering on all the boys and girls.

I am looking forward to making my debut as a flower girl in my Uncle Aaron’s wedding this summer. I am so excited to be a part of his special day as he marries my soon-to-be Aunt Jess.

Well, I guess I better wrap this letter up. How did I do for my first one? Mommy and Daddy say they want to wish you all a blessed holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!

Payton (and Chad & Angie)