Monday, July 30, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Friday afternoon we headed to Des Moines so I could hit up the Learning Post (yes, I'm afraid it's that time of year again -- Back to School) and we made a stop at Homemakers to get Payton a new bed.  (Back in January, we transitioned her crib into a toddler bed.  Well, the toddler bed was getting too small, so we decided she needed a twin bed.  Tonight is the first night she will be in it---hopefully all goes well.)  After shopping, we met some friends for dinner and headed to Indianola to the balloon classic.  I have always wanted to go to this, but never have.  It was pretty cool.  Payton's favorite part was seeing the balloons all lit up.  We will definitely have to go back next year.

Then Saturday we went to my friend Kaylan's sister's wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Here is a picture of Payton and Kaylan's little boy, Miles, cuttin' a rug on the dance floor.  They were so cute! 

Sunday we went to Valley Junction for Payton's 3 year and family pictures.  I am excited to see how they turned out.  On our way home, we received a text from Chad's brother saying that his step-son had been in an accident on his bike and was in the PICU in Iowa City.  He has some swelling on his brain, so they are keeping him sedated.  We are praying like crazy for a full recovery.


Last Wednesday night, Marshalltown hosted Ragbrai as an overnight stop.  Chad and I worked at our church lasagna supper from 4-7.  It was BUSY!  So busy that we ended up running out of food.  We had lots of compliments from the riders on what a delicious meal it was and how organized everything was.  I know I've said it before, but I am just so blessed to belong to such a wonderful church family.  It was awesome to see all the volunteers there from our church.  At 7:30, I walked across the street to the courthouse lawn to meet my Zumba girls for a top-secret flash mob.  It was so much fun!  There are some videos of it floating around on facebook.  I sooo do not have the moves, but it was still fun.  Unfortunately, it started storming around 8:45, so everyone on the square had to take cover and the band that was scheduled did not get to perform.

I just love RAGBRAI. It's so much fun to see all those riders. I think it would be a blast to do it. Chad and I both have it on our Bucket Lists. One thing is for sure----we will definitely have to get in better shape and get better bikes! :)

Welcome sign on the fence outside Franklin Elementary

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Flip-Flops?!?

This girl!!

She refuses to wear them!!  I bought these really cute 4th of July ones, thinking they'd go well with her little red, white, and blue dress.  I went to put them on her, and you would have thought the world was coming to an end.  She won't wear anything that goes in between her toes.  Chad is the same way, so maybe she gets it from him.  I, on the other hand, could live in flip-flops.  Hopefully it's just a phase.  I would hate for her to miss out on all those cute sandals!!  :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Payton's first fish (kind of)

Friday night we went out to the pond.  My dad grilled burgers over the fire for us, and we enjoyed a yummy supper.  Then, of course, we had to partake in some fishing.  Payton ended up catching her very first fish, even though Daddy says it doesn't technically count as her "first" fish because he helped her reel it in and take it off.  But, still, she caught it on her pink Barbie pole, so it kind of counts, right? :)

Fro Yo

Every summer my friend Jill and I set up a play date for the kiddos at the Aquatic Center here in town.  After our pool time last Tuesday, we just had to hit up Purple Cherry, where the kids and mommies enjoyed some yummy Fro Yo.  :)

Time to take down??

I've had this card hanging on my dresser mirror for nearly 3 years now.  As I was cleaning the mirror yesterday, I decided I should probably take it down.  I mean, it has been 3 years.  I know everyone says this, but seriously, where has the time gone??  It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital.  Can't believe my baby girl is going to be 3!!

Sneak Peak

A little girl I know has a birthday coming up in just a couple weeks.  We are getting ready for her "Wiggly" party!  :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Test Drive

We had my parents over for supper last night.  Of course, we had to check out Nana's new ride.  Nice set of wheels, Nana!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recyling time

My good friend has been in La Crosse this week at ProSeminar for Viterbo.  It brought back memories of the week that I spent up there four years ago.  That was a whirlwind summer for us.  Chad and I had just gotten married, Chad's dad passed away 2 weeks after our wedding, and then I had to go up to La Crosse for a week.  I actually missed the first two days of sessions because of the visitation and funeral.  Then right after the graduation ceremony, we had to hightail it back to Iowa to attend my friend's rehearsal supper as her wedding was the next day.  I found my 5 inch binder that contained my thesis paper and all my research and decided that it was time to be recycled.  The research is probably outdated by now anyway.  :)  I remember saying that I was going to work really hard the following summer after I got my Master's to work on my MA + 15.  Well, a little thing called Payton happened, so I didn't get much coursework done that summer.  I have decided that I really need to get cracking on these credits, so I'm going to take as many classes possible this school year.  We'll see how that goes.  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celebrating 93 years

The day after Payton got her tonsils out, we received a phone call late that night from Chad's uncle with some sad news.  Chad's dear grandfather had passed away.  The visitation was to be held in Carroll that Monday evening with the funeral the next day.  Since Payton was just a few days out from surgery and still not up for traveling that far and being around all those people, she was not able to go.  Thankfully my parents were able to stay with her so Chad and I could make the trip.  The service was very nice and we were all reminded of what a great man Chad's grandfather was.  Living to the age of 93 is pretty awesome.  He had a long, full life and was very, very loved.  At the service, they talked a lot about what a milestone it was for he and Annabell to be married for 66 years. Wow...that really is quite something. Chad and I did the math and in order for us to be married that long, Chad will need to live to be 100.  :)   

All of Marvin and Annabell's grandchildren and great-grandchildren -- Thanksgiving 2010

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Father's Day 2012

On Father's Day we usually get together with my parents, grandparents, and my brother and his family.  Since Payton had just had surgery, we didn't get to do that this year.  My parents did come over in the afternoon to visit for awhile and we were able to celebrate Chad and my dad.  As you can see from the picture below, Payton was not feeling the greatest.

Chad and my dad opening their gifts.

Chad's gift from Payton.  I love this picture of the two of them taken at the State Track Meet this year.

Payton with her two favorite guys - her daddy and her papa.

These next two pictures are pretty funny. Here is Chad reading his card I got him.

I thought this card was so appropriate for us because he does all these things around our house.  Side note:  my mom said she got my dad this same card.  Too funny!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Almost 3 weeks ago on June 14, Payton had her tonsils and adenoids out. When I wrote about scheduling her surgery back in January, it seemed so far away. When the time actually arrived, this mama was a nervous wreck. I know that it is a pretty routine, standard procedure, but the thought of putting my child under anesthesia was a bit frightening.

The day of the surgery we were up bright and early. We had to check in at Mary Greeley in Ames by 6:45. We were taken back to our little room, where Payton got her gown on. We had to wait in the room for awhile and Payton was having a blast. Poor girl had no clue what was about to happen! We had read a book about it, but I don't think she really understood. They gave her some medication to kind of take the edge off before they would have to put her under. Then they took us back into the "holding" room. At that point, the medication was starting to wear off, and she was getting pretty cranky. Finally the anestheiologist came back to talk with us as did the surgeon, Dr. Griffith. They told us they were ready for her. So, we walked out into the hallway and handed off our little girl to the nurses. That was hard. Dr. Griffith told us that he would come out to talk to us right after the procedure--in about 30 to 45 minutes.

So, Chad and I headed to the lobby where we had a strong cup of coffee. After that, we went back to our room and tried to watch a little TV. Dr. Griffith came in after about 45 minutes and said everything went great! He said she was taking a little longer to wake up, but would be back shortly. What a relief! He also said her adenoids were quite large as well as her tonsils.

The nurse brought her back about 15 minutes later and she looked miserable. It was hard to see her like that. They gave her 1/2 bag of fluids and she also ate a little bit of ice cream. Around 1:30 or so, we were discharged and on our way home.

Her recovery went pretty smooth. She did great the first few days after surgery. Then around Day 6 her scabs started falling off and she was in a lot of pain. We just tried to stay on top of the pain with her med. We did get a bit concerned that she wasn't hardly eating, but when I called the dr so ask about it, they said they weren't worried as long as she was drinking and keeping hydrated.  (I am happy to report that her appetite is definitely back to normal again.)  She didn't leave the house at all (except for a quick walk down to Dollar General) until Day 9. We decided she was well enough to get out of the house, so we went decided to go shopping Des Moines. :)

All in all, I would say everything went as well as could be expected. I was so nervous for it because I remember all too well having mine out when I was 11. It was not fun! But, they say the younger they are, the better they get along and they bounce back quicker. I am just thankful that she won't remember this experience! 

All smiles before surgery

Cuddling with her stuffed animals before surgery

Posing for a picture with Daddy before surgery

Coloring a picture for Dr. Griffith in the holding room
Snuggling in Mommy's arms after surgery
Snuggling with Daddy after surgery
Trying to eat some ice cream
After we got home from hospital -- day of surgery
Two days after surgery...doing pretty good

Six days after surgery --- watching the Wiggles

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw Concert

We went down to Kansas City the second weekend in June to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert. It was a blast. Our original seats were clear in the nosebleed section.  After Tim McGraw performed, our friends decided they'd had enough of the nosebleed section and ventured down to the main level where they were offered floor tickets!  They were giving them away because they wanted to fill up the empty seats on the floor. Score!!! We upgraded to floor seats and it was AWESOME! Kenny and Tim both popped up onto the stage right beside cool! Unfortunately, I had my crappy camera, so I didn't get very good pictures.  I love both of these performers and they definitely did not disappoint!

Tailgating before concert --- it was HOT!

Photo taken from our original seats
Photo taken from our upgraded seats on the FLOOR!