Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Spring Break

We had a fabulous spring break!  It was so nice to be able to have some much needed relaxation and family time!  Here are some photos of how we spent the last week.

Monday we slept in, stayed in our jammies for a good portion of the morning, and had a pretty lazy day.  We did manage to be a little productive and made some "Bunny Bait."  :)

Tuesday we visited the Science Center.  Chad, the science man, has been wanting to see Sue for quite some time now.  She did not disappoint...pretty cool!  Too bad this picture didn't turn out.  :( 

Wednesday we went to Baxter for haircuts.  

Thursday we had our 4th annual Egg-Dying Extravaganza. As always, the kids had a great time playing with the eggs.

Friday we went to the outlet mall in Williamsburg.  Here is Payton fast asleep on the way home.  I scored some great deals.  Pretty sure Payton is set for spring/summer!  :)

  I loved this week.  It went by way too fast!  9 more weeks until summer vacation!  :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Honey Creek Resort/Celebrating February Birthdays

February is a huge month for birthdays in our family.  Chad's is February 15th, Aaron's is the 18th, my dad's is the 19th, my grandma's is the 22nd and my grandparents' anniversary is February 10th.  Add Valentine's Day in the mix to all that, and it gets to be a pretty crazy month!

Two years ago we decided that since we have so many birthdays in February, we should go somewhere fun to celebrate.  So, we decided on Honey Creek Resort.  It is always a fun weekend that we look forward to.  This year was extra special because we had a new family member join us...Little Miss Harper.  After we check out on Sunday, we always stop at my grandparents' house since we are already in their neck of the woods.

We had a wonderful weekend. Quality time spent with family--nothing better!