Monday, February 20, 2012

January = BIG month for a BIG girl

So, I'm behind in blogging again -- surprise, surprise!
January was a big month for Payton.  She transitioned to a big girl bed, got potty trained, and had an appointment with an ENT where we scheduled a surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids.

We had her appointment with the ENT on January 24 in Ames.  He definitely felt that her adenoids need to be removed as she snores and drools a lot.  He then recommended removing her tonsils as well.  He said that often times when you remove just the adenoids, you don't notice much of a relief in the symptoms because the tonsils are still there.  Plus, Chad and I have both had ours out, so it's likely that she will need them out in the future.  We opted to just remove them both and get it over all at once.  We didn't schedule the surgery until June 14- that way Chad and I will both be out of school.  I am nervous for the surgery, but anxious for her to be able to breathe better.

Pamphlet they gave us.  Pretty sure this is the same one they gave me when I got mine out at age 11.  :)
In the meantime, she is rocking the potty-training and in underwear all the time except for at night.  We also took her railing off her crib, so now she is in what we are calling her "big-girl bed."  The first night she did great, but the 2nd night she fell out (poor thing), so we went out to Walmart and bought a guard rail. 

This is why she needs a guard rail :)

Much better
We are so proud of our little girl and how great she is doing!