Sunday, May 27, 2012

More of Mom's Retirement...

If any of you are facebook friends with my Dad, then you know that he likes to scan photos out of old yearbooks and post to his fb page. Well, with Mom's retirement coming up, I asked him if he could go back and scan all 35 years of her school pictures. Quite the task, but it was accomplished! Here are a couple collages I made with the pictures.

Mom's last day of teaching at Baxter Community School was May 17, 2012.  She has done so much for that school and has been there for a long time - 35 years!  Man, that makes me tired thinking about it!  I've only been teaching 8 years, so to think of doing for 35 - woah!  Seriously, though, she will be greatly missed at that school.  She is definitely a role model for me and the kind of teacher that I strive to be like. 

Here is a little video that I made with some pictures in it from her last day.

Mom's Retirement Open House

Three weeks ago today, on May 6, we had a Retirement Open House for my mom. It was such a nice day. There were over 300 guests in attendance! It was neat to see all the people there to honor my mom.

Delicious cake!

35 Years of Mrs. Allspach

Dad manning the slide show :)

Virginia, George, Ann, and Tim helped in the kitchen

Thursday, May 17, 2012

School's Out forEVER!

for this lady, that is....

I took a personal day today to go be with my mom on her last day of school - FOREVER!  The students dismiss at 11:00 and then Payton, my dad, and I are going to attend a luncheon where they will honor her.  I can't believe it's her very last day.  It is going to be a bittersweet day for her, I'm sure. 

Mother's Day 2012

I had wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. We went to church, taught Sunday School, grabbed subs and had a picnic, played at the park, bought flowers at the MHS plant sale, came home and planted them, and then grilled out for supper. It was such a fun day. I am so blessed to be this little girl's Mommy. I love you so much, Payton Ann!
 Chad and Payton got me another rose bush this year.  The picture below is of the one they got me last year - it is huge! 
 They also got me this cool planter from the MHS plant sale.  I love it!