Monday, October 17, 2011

UNI Homecoming

UNI Homecoming was October 8. It was a GORGEOUS day! We got to Cedar Falls a little early so we could hit up the bookstore. Then we took a little walk around campus to look at all the leaves and the fall colors. Such a fun day! Go Panthers!


On October 6, I turned 30.  I was really dreading it.  However, it ended up being very fun and probably my most memorable birthday yet.  On Saturday, October 1st, Chad threw a surprise party for me.  I went shopping in Williamsburg for the day with my good friends who I used to teach with in Newton.  When I came home, I walked in to a house full of people!  I was quite surprised, and very impressed that he pulled it off!  It was a fun night, and I am so blessed that many of my family and friends were there to help me celebrate.  I hardly took any pictures from the night, but here are a couple.
Banner that my mom made
Cake (notice the fire extinguisher in the background)
Then on my actual birthday, I was greeted with yet another surprise.  I walked into my classroom that day and saw that my co-workers had done quite a number to my room. 

Then after school, we all went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Portal.  Chad and Payton met me there.  They even sang to me and let me wear the sombrero!! :)

This is my present from Chad.  So excited to go see them on November 19!

All in all, it was a great birthday and made me realize just how lucky I am to have such great family and friends.  Everyone keeps telling me that the 30's are great years....let's hope they are right!