Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures from Valentine's Day.  I know, I know...I'm a little late! :)
Payton's Valentine's box--wish I could take credit for this.  :)  Thanks to Nana for making it!
Payton's Valentines she took to daycare on top.  My Valentines I took to my students at school on bottom.  Both compliments of Pinterest.  :)

Beautiful roses I received at school

Our Valentine supper--Papa Murphy's heart-shaped pizza :)

Opening her gifts
Looking at her card

Daddy's gifts

Lillie Mae chocolates--yum!

Enjoying her cupcake

Pretty photo

My dad took this photo out at the pond from his cell phone a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was so pretty.  Had to share. 

Snow Day

Today marks our 3rd snow day.  We had one the day before Christmas break, one the end of January, and then today.  We made up the first two on MLK Day and President's Day, but this day will be tacked onto the end of the year--boo!  Crazy all this snow we are getting.  Last week that storm was so hyped up and then...nothing.  This week we don't hear any news of a snow storm and then...BAM!  The snow just keeps falling!  I sure do love me some snow days, but this one was not so great because I ended up going into school to work anyway.  I was gone last Wednesday and this Monday with a nasty sinus infection that wouldn't get better, so I had a lot to get caught up on.  Anyway, we did get to sleep in and Chad made his usual snow-day breakfast:  chocolate chip pancakes!  Yum!
I have a lot to write about on here, so hoping to get some posts in today.