Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phone Dump

It's been awhile since I've posted any pics, so I thought I'd post some off my phone.

Payton's May Day "baskets" that she took to daycare.  I wasn't in the mood for messing with red solo cups, pipe cleaners, and popcorn.  So we went with bubbles.  You can never go wrong with bubbles, right?  Although I did do popcorn, M&Ms, and starbursts for my students.  I just got already popped popcorn and we put them in baggies, so less mess. 

These next two pictures were taken during our May snow storm--so bizarre!  I let Relay out that morning and he looked at me like I was crazy.  He loves to play in the snow--in the winter.  But this dog must have known that it was May and it DOES NOT snow in May!!
Chad had Payton at practice one afternoon and I came to pick her up only to find Chad and the entire team in these awesome bandanas.  Apparently, the throwers wear them and one of the throwers decided to get one for every girl on the team. 
They had to get a team pic.

 May 6--Marshalltown finally got a Starbucks!  Love me some skinny vanilla latte!  I can't afford one every day, so I make it my little treat on Fridays. :)

 May 6--we also celebrated Relay's 6th birthday. Chad was at a track meet, so Payton and I had a little celebration for him.  I guess if you want to call a milk bone a celebration :)
We've been doing a Life Cycles unit in Science, and after our butterflies hatched, I brought Payton over to look at them.  I took her in when they were still in their chrysalises too, so it was cool for her to see the process. 
This picture cracks me up.   She went to bed one night in these black church shoes.  She is obsessed with these babies.  We don't allow her to wear them to daycare, but they are the first thing she asks for when we get home.  They are so worn out, too small, and pretty dangerous since they are so slick.  She had them on in the mall one day and slipped twice because they have no traction.  I had them in the Goodwill pile the other day and the stinker found them and put them on.  :)

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