Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We've been busy!!

So I think this is the first night since last Sunday that we've actually been home with nothing on the agenda.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and we traveled to Knoxville for supper with my parents, Aaron and Jess and family, and my grandparents.  We had a lovely meal and it was nice to spend time together.

Monday night Payton had her st
udio dance rehearsal.

Tuesday night we were at Chad's track awards banquet.

Wednesday night Chad had to work the Hershey Track Meet (youth meet) and then we had the State qualifiers over for spaghetti supper.

Thursday night Chad was at State Track Meet.

Friday night Chad was at State Track Meet and Payton had her staging dance rehearsal.

Saturday Chad was at State Track Meet and Payton had 2 recitals--1:00 and 7:00. (That was a lonnnggg day!)

Sunday we went to Sesame Street Live--so fun!

Last night Payton had dance pictures.

So.....tonight is the first night in awhile that we are actually home and able to relax a little. This is such a crazy time of year for us! We are both busy trying to get assessments done and grades in. 7 more days of school! We are ready for summer vacay!

Here are some pictures of our fun happenings!

My friend Amanda makes canvases so Chad had her make this for Mother's Day.  He was pretty proud of his creativity--I love it!
All girls on Mother's Day

Love this little girl!

Payton getting ready to run the 50 meter fun run. Chad had Eisha run next to her.  Even though she got last, she had fun!
This is what your entryway looks like when you have 13 track girls over to your house--running shoes!
2013 State Qualifiers (plus Payton)  :)

Ready for her first recital of the day
Grandma Creighton came to the 1:00 recital. I'm glad she did because Chad was still at the State Track Meet so it was nice to have her there with me.  She came over for awhile afterwards and we sat on the deck for awhile.

Payton with Nana, Papa, and Harper before her recital

I tried to get a picture of her with her flowers, but she just wanted to go home.  It had been a long day!!

Daddy and Payton at Sesame Street Live
I'd say we got there in plenty of time.  First ones there!
It was a fun show and Payton loved it!

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